Until Tomorrow

Yesterday, I got a call as I was heading for work… The Bee Guy was going to be in Ten Sleep and would I like more bees?  You bet!  So I threw in my bee suit and gloves… and waited impatiently for his call.  Finally it came!

They were splitting hives… taking out some of the brood combs, and giving them a new queen to create new hives.  I could have hung out for a long time and helped, but I *was* on the library clock…

brood comb

They shook out some bees for me, and I helped a smidge…

bee hive

Then they gave me advice… and some more… (All very welcome, by the way!)


And I put the bees in my Durango… and left.  But bees can’t just hang out in your hot car for hours while you’re at work, so I set them in the shade of the library.  Pretty soon, the second graders came in, and in the midst of another bug story… I pulled out my bee suit and the teacher tried it on!  Then, I did what I do… and asked if they’d like to see the bees.  We soon had an impromptu class going from a distance!  I caught a bee with pollen on her legs and they were fascinated!

They left… but pretty quick, here comes the Kindergartners and First Graders… and I did it all over again!  News travels fast in a small school!

I came home and made a movie for you… but it’ll wait until tomorrow!




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  1. That was a perfect teachable moment for those elementary kids! I can’t believe you caught a bee with pollen on its legs, to show them!! Wow!
    Looking forward to the movie you made.

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