1.  First Branding is done.  We JUST had enough people, short some of our regulars… but had enough food for more!  We had great leftovers for supper!

2.  While kicking the cows and calves over The Big Grey Ridge, they had a wreck, which means they’ll be riding again tomorrow, trying to straighten out cows and calves once again.

3.   The four grandsons took branding all in stride, hopefully that means in 11 years or so they’ll be a great crew for wrestling calves.

4.  I came home to see the carpenter had hacked half of my crabapple tree away.  I knew he was going to *trim* it out of his way, but my goodness!  Oh, well… too late now!  It just looks so sad…

5.  As I started to plant some ninebark shrubs I’d recently purchased, I noticed a buzzing sound.  Thinking I was hearing my bees at work in my nanking cherry bushes, I ignored it.  Then it seemed Very Loud.  Then it seemed like it was coming from the Grass Behind My House.  Then I REALLY LOOKED and there it was.  Evidently unhappy with her accommodations in my Top Bar Hive, Miss Queen had swarmed.  As I watched this humongous cloud of bees buzz by my garage, I helplessly watched as they descended into a pipe gatepost.  Soon, they were all settling into the pipe.  This could be labeled my own Wreck of the Day.

6.  After much messing around and calling and consultation with a neighbor, I finally strung a bit of old comb (given to me by said neighbor) on a wire and lowered it into the pipe.  The hope is Miss Queen will find it to her liking and take up residence.  I can then transfer her back into the Top Bar Hive.  Did I not label this, Bee Adventurous????  Ugh.

7.  Lucas got a little rambunctious with my Little Red Hen tonight while putting her away.  I’m hoping this is not her Final Wreck.

8.  We’re all tired and dirty and tired… and that was enough Wrecks for any day…

tired Jaxon


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