Rare and Wonderful

I’ve been gone a couple of days… back to my hometown of Casper for a funeral.  While sadness prevails, there is a joy in seeing relatives that I haven’t seen in YEARS.

There are stories to tell and re-hash, and news of other relatives “lost” through distance and circumstance.  I decided it was somehow strange to be considered “grown-up” enough to hear a few of the topics that older relatives decided to share!

If you’ve been around this blog long enough, you’ll remember the stories I shared from my Cousin Robb.  He traveled the world a few years ago, and wrote fantastic stories about his adventures (accompanied by incredible photos).  Though he is still overseas, his younger brother and mother made their appearance!

I was pleased to find that Cousin Brian, like his brother, seems more like an old friend than someone I barely know!  I encouraged him to come back with his family and take the time to see Wyoming and spend more time… it’s a long ol’ drive, but quality time with relatives is a rare and wonderful treat!

cousins over Casper

(And big brothers are pretty special, too!)


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