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Seems like I need to start these entries a little earlier… I’ve been falling asleep and not feeling like waking up enough to write!  That’s typical springtime… the rush is on to clean, garden, farm, ride, move cattle, irrigate and plant.  Where we were in snow just a few weeks ago, the grass has now shot up and begs to be mowed down!

I tried and tried to mow my lawn, but scattered rain showers kept scooting around, the wind blowing hard enough to blow my baseball cap off my head, with just a smidge of rain.

I did manage to plant some of my garden… I’m trying mass plantings this year, crowding many more plants into my available space than normal.  I suppose it would be easier to enlarge my garden, but I’ll give this a shot for this year.

On occasion, I’ll walk around, still looking for my bees.  If I could just find them, I’m prepared to recapture them, but I just can’t find them!  There’s too many buildings, pipes, trees, and posts to hide them!  I have a few days to try, then, I guess, I could buy an existing hive.  It’d have to be a Langstroth hive, then I could have my Top Bar as backup.  I’m still sure that Top Bars are great, but I’ve just had Bad Luck.

I just want bees so badly!  I was having such fun…

Somehow along the way, the big news of getting our center pivot started was forgotten!  It was exciting!  While we’ve had a glitch or two, it’s still an amazing piece of equipment…

center pivot


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  1. I’m so sorry you lost your bees. Ours swarmed about 4 times last year and we found 2. The man that owns them said they send out scouts when they swarm and as soon as they find a location they are off. So they may stick around for an hour or maybe just a few minutes. We are down to 5 hives this year from the 13 we started with. The small hive beetles were terrible. I would hate to lose what is left. Really love having them here. Keep looking – they may still turn up. I hope so !!

    • Fingers crossed, but I’m calling the bee guy tomorrow to see what we can do now. Get an established one and use my top bar for extra? Decisions, decisions!

  2. Center pivots are way cool. I have bees you can have. They should thank you, because I haven’t sprayed them.
    What did you plant?

    • I told Tess to bring me back the bees. Somehow I don’t think she will! Potatoes, onions, peas, lettuce, radishes so far…

  3. I wish we were closer. We’ve had a swarm move into the walls of our brooder house again. They are contentedly buzzing along there.

    Nice sprinkler! Sometimes I think we could use some sort of irrigation system here too – not so much for hay/crops as for pasture.

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