.73″ of rain poured out of the sky today… most of it in about a half an hour!  It was interesting there for a bit, with lightning popping and thunder rolling.

heavy rain

My dogs just KNEW a strike was headed for them, so anywhere within 3′ of a human was BOUND to be safer, right?  They’re outside now… not impressed that they can’t spend the night safe inside when it might happen again!  But, unfortunately, I have a hard heart with wet and muddy dogs especially when they’re topped by cottonwood stickies.

(I hate cottonwood stickies.)

Luckily, I managed to mow most of my standard spots today, the grass was tall anyway, and with .73″ on top of that to wet it down, it would be tough mowing tomorrow!

The storm chased me inside, so I grabbed a grinder and went to work on my stairs.  My, what a mess!  I asked the carpenter about those lead inserts that they drilled into the concrete… and how I was going to handle those if I ground down the steps or *IF* I could…  I may not continue the grinding down since it may just get covered in board.  He, of course, was willing to do the job… and I’m beginning to think this may be above my pay scale anyway.  He told me not to grind anymore, that we’d talk tomorrow…

This may be one project I’ll easily turn over to a professional!

It’s supposed to stay cool and cloudy… with more chance of MORE RAIN… maybe some of these indoor projects will get done!


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  1. I’ve been away for a weekend in Michigan, so I am just getting caught
    up on my mail etc. The “stairs project” sounds a bit daunting. Keep us
    posted on that!

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