Hugelkultur Eins

I’ve finally started it… the laying out of my small hugelkultur beds.

Hugelkultur, if you recall from this previous post, is where you create a berm, the base of which consists of tree stumps and limbs.  Other natural litter is placed on and around it, much like lasagna gardening.  The final layer of dirt becomes your garden bed… and you plant right on top of the berm.  The idea is that the logs hold moisture, slowly releasing it and vital nutrients from the assorted materials you’ve stacked upon them.

The berm itself creates a windbreak.  The assorted plants on it add to its effectiveness.

Everyone that I’ve shared this with is very willing for ME to try it… just to see if it works.  So many people have expressed criticism, I decided maybe I shouldn’t go in full bore, so I’m choking down my experiment.

Instead of huge stumps (which I could find easily… but transport may be a bit trickier!) I just chose medium sized logs plus the two tons of tiny limbs I’m raking out of my grass after the last windstorm!  I’m adding some fresh cut grass and dried leaves from last fall.

hugelkulturI plan on pounding in some stakes to help keep the logs from rolling away… and the longer branches will be broken apart.

The hills you see in the foreground are for my tomatoes…

I’m hoping this hugelkultur hill will give them some respite from the wind which NORMALLY comes from that direction!

Stay tuned… we will see how this all pans out!  If it completely fails… then I don’t have to clean up so much mess!


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  2. I will! We have potatoes in one and onions with herbs in another. If we can get more done in time for planting we intend to sow other root crops, bush beans, summer and winter squashes. Well, basically everything! But as time intensive as it is initially to build them, we may have to just plant in regular raised beds this year and then construct the hugelkultur beds in the fall for next year.

  3. We’re putting a couple of these beds in, too! They make so much sense to us, but it is sort of an experiment. 😉 We’ll have to share stories!

  4. Looks like a very do-able garden/project. Hope you are successful and I
    am really hoping you can move further with your bee project!

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