Branding Crew


The girls and I made it up to the branding by 8:30, the food was ready to go, and kids fed, diapered, and organized.  They were still sorting cattle.  We arrived in plenty of time!

The first step in branding is gathering the small pasture they’ve been held in since we’ve started riding three days ago.  They had done that without our help!  Now they sort mommas away from babies.  That leaves only calves in the corral to be branded.

sorting cattleThen light that fire, boys, and let’s get to work!  The branding irons are heated in a cedar fire, you’ll find no loud and obnoxious propane tank here!

roperTwo ropers head into the corral, try to snag both hind feet, and drag the calves out to the wrestling crews.

wrestling crews

The calf is “busted” or pulled into a laying position and held in place.  Shots are given and a brand applied.  Within minutes the calf is up and looking for momma.

Gorgeous morning wasn’t it?

Well, by afternoon… we’d tromped the grass, and the wind was blowing… so every new calf brought Dust with a capital D!



Thankfully our young crew kept everyone in a Good Mood… and at 5:15 we finished!  Thank goodness for them and their strong backs and muscles!  Branding crews are the BEST!

branding barrels


Branding Crew — 4 Comments

  1. I’m always in awe of the ropers and their skill! The whole activity is
    nicely organized. Thanks for today’s picture and story.

    • Hopefully I can get my movie up soon… Showing it in real time makes a world of difference! Roping is DIFFICULT!

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