Adrenalin Rush

Another day of riding… These cattle we sorted into two bunches.

We did it under The Big Red Rock…

Big Red RockOne bunch we trailed a couple of miles or so… the other we left in place, and later just kicked them across the fence.  Lots of miscellaneous tossed in… branded the calf that was missed the other day, looked for the old bull who’s hiding somewhere, retrieved a few that had wandered into the hay field…

sorting cattle

I had a little adrenalin moment… two bulls got to fighting (which can be dangerous… they can weigh twice as much as a horse) and Brandon was pressuring them trying to break up the shoving match.  They ignored him and broke my way still shoving each other.  I was 30′ away but they covered that ground in no time and I braced myself for collision!  They separated and went around me and I was Very Grateful!  Neither I nor Panama could react fast enough, but that was good, if we’d moved either way, we probably would have had quite the wreck!  Here I thought I was in the relatively “safe zone” and ended up with a bull on both sides of me.

You might compare it to a close call on the freeway.

That was my adrenalin rush for the day… Have you had one lately?


Time for Q & A session to be answered Sunday… Got a question?  Write it up in the comments…



Adrenalin Rush — 3 Comments

  1. Aw, Panama is so great. Some horses would have spooked at that I am sure.

    Hum, adrenalin rush -> yes – we were almost made into a metal pancake on vacation in New Orleans – pick-up truck on the right wanted our lane and there was a Wal-Mart Semi on the left….. going about 75mph…. I was in the passenger seat and the pick-up got within 5 inches of our mirror.

    And you never believe this – the pick-up driver – was looking at his cell during all this -> and when hubs honked -> he FLIPPED US OFF….

    To be honest, I never want to go to that city again. All we had was rude encounters with people and I was scared for our safety the whole time we were there. And we were only there from about 9 am to 2 pm on a MONDAY.

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