Additional Branding Photos

Time to use up some more of those branding photos I like…

calves looking for mommaCalves looking for momma.

warming upWarming up the branding irons.

waiting in lineWaiting for the ropers…

sidelinedWatching from the sidelines…


Last call for questions… answers up tomorrow!


Additional Branding Photos — 2 Comments

  1. I apologize in advance if this is an improper question! I am very interested in bee keeping and wonder if you could give me an idea of the cost to start up with it? My Dad used to keep bees and I’m certain I’d be good with them. I’m searching online for costs, but thought you might have a ballpark figure you could toss at me, since you have been doing this so recently.

    I was delighted to see you talking about bees when I caught up on your posts, since I’d been thinking about bees for some time here.

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