OK… Truth.

I left yesterday to go to Casper… went to a library meeting with my boss/friend/personal shopper companion!  After meetings we flew to stores… See, there’s this wedding coming up SOON (the 22nd!) and I have No Clothes… NOTHING LIKE LEAVING IT TIL THE LAST MINUTE!

My friend deserves an award because:

1.  I hate shopping.

2.  I am overweight and out of shape and NOTHING looks good.

3.  Stuff I *DO* like is made for size 0.  Even when I was skinny… I don’t think I was EVER a size ZERO.

4.  I don’t like scoop necks on me… try finding stuff without them.

5.  I have fat arms.  I HATE them, but I have them.  I want them covered loosely.  Yeah, right.

6.  Trying to match the colors of the wedding.  Finally found stuff in the last two stores.

7.  I am no longer skinny, cool, 20, rich, or a hussy.   Yeah, try to find something.

8.  Yes, it’s an outdoor, cowboy wedding, but my mother’s voice still tells me to find something classier than black jeans…

You know what?  After multiple stores and fitting rooms, and many rejections, I may have found a few things… but, boy howdy, it was painful and LONG.  So KUDOS to my best bud for sticking by me…

You can let me know in a week if I pass muster!


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  1. Sending two “Successful Shopping” awards: one for your friend and one for you! (I can totally relate to your feelings and frustrations about today’s clothing styles).

  2. I don’t know – black jeans, great boots, a billowy silk blouse and turquoise and/or silver earrings seem like they’d be pretty classy. Can’t wait to see what you chose, since I suffer from the same self image and also hate shopping.

  3. Shopping usually isn’t much fun when you’re not model size. I can relate to hating shopping, but you’re not nearly so overweight and out of shape as you think you are! You couldn’t do the things you do if you were as badly out of shape as you think. I think you look like a strong and very feminine country woman. Your arms look strong and not nearly so bad as you think. You remind me of my niece who hates her arms, but she is a beautiful strong feminine woman with a husband who loves her just as she is and I wish she’d just stand confident as she is. The way I didn’t when I looked as good as she does. Of course that means I need to stand tall and confident the way I am Now, because given time I may look back on now and wish I looked this way again.

    I just think you’re lovely the way you are and I’m sure you will look great at the wedding! I kind of like the 22nd since it’s my birthday. lol

  4. I hate all those scoop necks, too. And so many thing are sleeveless……I don’t do sleeveless!! I was a size 0 once….before I was born! Sometimes I buy a size larger and them seam it down in certain places.

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