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The first of the hay has been baled.

hay balesAfter two days of blissful non-allergy, I now have it again even with this baled!  Too much still in the air from other sources, I guess!

Like this, for instance…

cottonThat’s not snow.

That’s cotton from the cottonwood tree, floating in the air.

I imagine pollen from the grass is doing this too, I just can’t see it.

Vernon said the other morning, with a slight breeze, a yellow cloud of pollen was floating across above the hay.  That sounded like a nightmare to me, but he said it was pretty.

I’ll take his word for it.

I’m not going to go look!


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  1. Ooph ~ that much cotton wood and then visible yellow pollen to cope with.
    I think I’d have to hibernate if I had allergies. We have a LOT of cottonwood too. Sometimes it covers the green grass like the first snowfall. Feel better, Carol.

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