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Yesterday, the boys and I, and various neighbors, gathered our steers and their cows and calves out of the Badlands Pasture.  You’ll remember a few weeks ago, we rode and gathered most of ours and the neighbors’ from the same pasture and brought them home.  One neighbor, however, left his cattle out there.  With everyone’s separate, you can put your own bulls in.  Our steers, though, could just stay out there and eat grass.

And, oh, my! what grass!  We could stay out there another month!  Due to the contract with the BLM, of course we can’t… but if they based it on grass, we sure could!

grass(Say “hi!”, Brandon!)

Dally was Dog of the Day… and she did SOO much better with the steers than she did with the mommas and babies a few weeks ago!  Even when the steers ran *TO* her… being the curious yearlings that they are… she handled it well and I was very proud.

DallyUnfortunately, most of my pics look like this… bad angle!  I hate those angle shots myself!  After kicking a bunch of steers out of a maze of draws and washes, she was pretty pooped.  Pretty pooped doggies mean they’re tired, and she fell behind.

She Fell Behind.

I’m up front, off to the side… and she simply followed in the rear, keeping them going.

THIS IS WHAT I’VE WANTED HER TO DO FOREVER!  Being up front, I could turn the lead, applying a little pressure here or standing in the way over there.  I left the back work to her, and she had enough energy to keep everyone in line!

See that little black dot?

DallyfollowsThat’s Dally with the stragglers.

Let’s zoom in…


And I’m in charge of the lead, up the trail.

leadsteersIt was absolutely poi-fect!

I could trail cattle all day like that!



Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner… Saturday is the wedding!  If I can, I’ll post, but I may just abandon you for a few days… but Sunday?  Sunday I can share wedding photos!!!  Woot!


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  1. All Right! She really showed her stuff that day. Keeping those steers moving along quietly was, as you said, “poi-fect”!

    Hope the weather cooperates for Daniel and Tess’s wedding!

  2. Good girl, Dally! That’s what I spend all my time trying to convince my ES to do: stay behind, and keep the sheep moving. He tends to get too excited and come into the middle of the flock and then drive the stragglers off in a different direction. Argh! I obviously just need to tire him out first!

    Good luck with the wedding!!!

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