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table decorationsMy small part… I hung pine garland on the deck to help block the view of the ski lift and parking lot… and put one on the head table with some wildflowers.

cake topperI put some extra matching flowers from her bouquet on as a cake topper…

table decorVictoria and Cindy, Vernon’s sister,  created wonderful wildflowers centerpieces in vintage blue mason jars.  (Thanks, J., for sharing!)

weddingpartyAnd a shot of the wedding party…


Personal note:  If you can read this, S., we did indeed miss your presence.  You and P. mean so much to us, and it breaks our heart that you couldn’t make it.  It wasn’t that long ago, I enjoyed taking *your* wedding photos!  Please know that I’m so sorry we didn’t have the time to develop our friendship into something greater, stronger, and more fun!  I think we could have had some Good Times!  Those small times we were together, I will remember with fondness.  I will treasure my beaded present you gave me… and think of you when the wildflowers bloom around the cabin.  May God bless you, your family, and P.


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  1. Such a beautiful wedding! Love the pictures, both yesterday’s and today’s! Any photos with you included? I’m terribly curious about the outfit you struggled to find. 🙂

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