Thick of Things

Ranch work continues around here… the break for the wedding was short but sweet!

Yesterday we sold our steers on the Northern Livestock Video Auction over the internet.  This is PAYDAY… and we were happy.

Today we tagged the steers with their Angus Source Genetics eartag.  We could do it at any time, but we wait until now just because the tags won’t really have a change to get lost!  Steers can get rid of their earrings easily, and they don’t need them for identification until they leave the ranch.  Angus Source basically tells you the age and source (place) and says they are mostly Angus.

For a while, I had helpers… this one thought the eartag was a teething toy as well!  (Yes, he’s working on his first tooth.)

Angus SourceQuinlan, on the other hand… was listening to Daniel and I call out the eartag numbers while I wrote them down to cross reference in case we can get carcass data back from the buyer.

“Nine nineteen!” Daniel states.

“Nine nineteen”, I reply.

A little voice to my left echoes, “Nine.  Nine.  Teen.”

Daniel and I look at each other and crack up!   The little smarty quoted us exactly…

It won’t be long, and this next generation will definitely be in the thick of things!


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  1. Won’t be too long before you have four new cowhands helping out on the ranch! I have some nice pictures of you in your wedding outfit, or ask Tess for them so you can share with your anxious readers! You looked marvelous…

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