The plan was to gather the heifers.  Even with the 5 am start, I agreed to ride… about a half an hour later, I wised up!  The heifers have spent the past month grazing in a lower pasture.  A pasture where tall grass grows.  The same grass that causes me to wheeze, sneeze, cough, and feel miserable.

I’ve just started to feel better from these stupid allergies, so I changed my answer from “Yes, I’ll help gather.” to “Ummm. I’ll meet you on the highway… and be in front in my Durango with my flashers on…”

This road seems so busy lately with people coming and going and semis loaded with cattle… We often put out our CATTLE ON ROAD signs, but, it’s safer to have someone with warning lights out too.  Good job for me.

You can see why we need someone…  “Greet Hill”, as many of the neighbors dub it, can hide a herd of cattle quite easily.

cattle on roadYou want to know how many vehicles went through us?

It *is* a weekend…


One neighbor headed to the mountain to fix fence!  I would have easily bet 20… Oh, well.  At least we were prepared!

And besides… it’s just another sneaky way to get in some good reading!  I was just finishing up Cat Urbigkit’s Shepherds of Coyote Rocks. (affiliate link)

Well written.  Favorite Line:  “… this sagebrush sea that engulfs my soul.”

Great topic.  “Public Lands, Private Herds and the Natural World”  (sound slightly familiar? 😉 )

Learned some things.  Across many topics: guardian dogs, worldwide examples of transhumance, scientific studies…

Enjoyed myself.  Cat tells a good story!  Easy to envision her time with her sheep herd and their adventures… lambing, coyote predation, raising guardian dogs, and her interest and bond with nature.  I’d highly recommend it!


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