Questions and Answers – July 2013 Edition

Karyn:  Question for you: The profile picture of you and Elsa…she is terribly muddy. Do you have a story to go with that? Still miss her….

Oh, Karyn, I miss her too!  <sniff>  I put that up after she died, kind of my little tribute to her… The photo is from 2008.  I’d had her just a year, and that photo was taken by my sister after our big trail drive to our mountain pasture.  Elsa had worked her little heart out for me, the last bit through a boggy stretch along the creek.  She was exhausted, falling asleep on her feet, and covered in mud.  Most of the time, she was a fluffy clean girl, and I knew I had to get a picture of her!  I wrote about it here and here.

Shauna:  Why do you start (moving cows) before sunrise?

Moving cows in the summer is just like moving people… after the day gets warm, everyone just wants to be in the shade!  If you start at daylight, you have more time to get farther before the cows overheat.  Plus, on days like today, they’re walking uphill, so getting some good distance before they poop out is beneficial!  The other side benefit is that the cow and her calf have just spent the night together, so they’re paired.  If you wait until later, the cow has left her calf to go eat and they lose each other.  That just creates more problems!  A happy cow is one with her calf at her side!

Shauna:  Do you want/need egg cartons?

I don’t.  Thanks for the offer, though!  My eggs just live in a bowl in my fridge…

Shauna:  What is up with your bee adventure?

The bee adventure, unless I find their hive, is postponed until next spring.

Marilyn:  When do those cute grandsons get their first ride on a horse?
being held by an adult, and then all by themselves?

Marilyn, the three “big” boys have already had their first rides held by an adult.  I don’t think Jaxon has been aboard yet, though I could be wrong… In fact, one of the twins just a few weeks ago, flat out bawled when we took him OFF the horse!  Hopefully, he keeps that attitude.  They aren’t big enough to be by themselves, plus we don’t have a kid proof horse.  We’re looking, though, but figure we still have four years to find one!  My kids rode about the age of five…

Judy:  Wish you would show more wedding pics. and especially you and hubby… we all want to see your outfit or did I miss it somehow?

Judy, nope you haven’t missed a thing!  I actually was just looking at some photos, the photographer has them ready as of tonight!  I’ll share some, I promise!

Thanks for the questions!

July garden

Compare this to the bare ground on June 11’s post here


Questions and Answers – July 2013 Edition — 5 Comments

  1. I am like Della, I can never think of something to ask but sure enjoy the wonderful questions and answers that you do get.
    Had B’s two boys helping me put cows in the alley today. Don’t know who had more fun, them or me! Horseback, of course.

    • Glad you enjoy it! Hey, sometime I’ll get your jars back to you… they’re in a box behind my woodstove in the mud room, just in case you’re coming by…

  2. What a lovely garden! I enjoy your Q&A sessions, even though I can seldom think of any questions myself. Do you know you don’t need to refrigerate eggs unless they’ve already been refrigerated? When I had my hens, I kept my eggs on the counter and they kept really well that way. The only negative I found was that they were a little runnier in the frying pan.

    • Della, I did know that… and was Very Tempted to get one of these to set out on my counter… then decided I like all my counterspace! But then I saw this… (affiliate link)

      • Oohh! I really like the spiral! I can see myself knocking the other one spinning way too easily, but that spiral holder could be tucked back where it would be safe from my klutziness. lol

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