I jumped in with Vernon today…

Some of our cows had got mixed in with the neighbor’s… plus they needed salt, mineral, and dust.

I know I’ve talked about giving cattle their salt and mineral before… but I may not have mentioned the dust.  Think flea powder for your dog… but this is fly powder for cattle!

Flies can make life miserable… plus they can lay eggs, which is gross.  Cows that are fighting flies won’t be gaining weight, so we give them the option of dusting themselves.

We fill a sack with the dust and hang it from a limb, or a cross bar, whatever’s available.  The cattle have learned to walk under the sack, and a layer of dust covers their backs!

dust bagOh, look ahead!  There’s cowboys up there straightening out the herds!


And, yes, girls… They’re both taken!  😉



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