I spent almost a half an hour trying to shove a piece of OSB onto two weak lightweight sawhorses before I got totally disgusted and just leaned it against the bottom logs and sawed out the hole for my light switch.

I think I said a Bad Word.

But when I finally raised it to the ceiling… it fit.

One cut and it fit!

Tomorrow, one more… and the “new” side will be done!  and I’ll take a picture for you!

I got a little distracted by my “help” today… I had to switch from my studio to working outside.  Vernon has installed me a new all weather spigot at the corner of my lawn, the last one having fallen apart early this spring.  The little excavator is perfect for this, but of course, it tramples plenty of dirt into my grass.

Quinlan and I spent quite a while raking and digging out the grass.

Or was that me?

He’s quite the drink thief… and look at him trying on the ghetto/droopy drawers look!  We’ll have to have a talk…

thirsty boyWhen I downloaded this photo, I had totally forgotten some pics from the other morning…

Bringing the heifers in…

cattle driveAnd my Mitsubishi mini-truck at work…

Mitsubishi mini-truckThat’s for you “Boomer Fans”!  Dally was laying down…

You’ll see a few more in the days to come… but never forget, there’s plenty of ranchwork being done, even if I’m not the one doing it!



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  1. I guess you lucked out when you cut and raised the OSB board! I know nothing about that but will look forward to seeing the project progress…and more of your little helper “supervising”!

    Hi to Boomer – stay hydrated!

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