The Garage – Progress

garage bottom layerFirst round.  What a difference, right?

Haven’t taken one of the top painted… but it is!

garage door beforeTwo of the garage doors… BEFORE I scraped them and washed the windows and caulked around the windows (until I ran out!)  The windows were SOOOOOOO dirty, they appeared to be frosted glass!  Ick.

garage door progressI used my minitruck as scaffolding!  Scraped and partially primed.  Tired yet?

garage door progressPrimed.  Plus the other two doors.  Plus four windows.  Only thing NOT primed is right next to the glass.  Need more caulk… and come to find out, three of the panels are NOT glass, but plexiglass… easy to tell now that the glass is washed!

I may prime with the tiny brush tomorrow or I may start painting or maybe I’ll take the day off!  But I say… the garage is making progress!


Happy Birthday, Brandon!!!!  I’m so proud of you!


The Garage – Progress — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my Carol. How great it looks. I remember how it looked before. GREAT JOB!!
    You must not be having the bee/wasp/hornet problem we are having. Not a few, but thousands. You just cannot work outside with anything that attracts them.
    Lark is now knicknamed Ginger. tee hee She, like me, never stops going. A puppy forever. She is VERY obedient though. Love her so much. Hugs, Ginger

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