Swirls of Light and Rain

Vernon and I went for a drive this afternoon just to get away.  If we stay here, we tend to find work, so a drive is a good option.  We headed towards our Mesa Pasture, the one burned in the wildfire last year.  I still have not been all over it this year, just to see how it’s progressing, and I thought this would be a good time for a tour.

Scattered showers were flitting about, but nothing looked serious.

rainstormPartway in, while surveying the ground for its post burn condition, the storm hit.  (This is what it looks like where it burned so hot…  pretty bare.)

burned grassWe didn’t get to continue as the rain decided to Come Down!  Red dirt is notoriously slippery when wet, so we turned around and headed home.

rainstormFine sheets of heavy rain swept across the sky.  The light was phenomenal… and you could still see through the rain.

rainstormLightNING flickered and cracked… still too evasive for me to catch!

rainstormThen we were down on the county road, and headed home.



White smoke swirled and lifted.

Sure enough, a juniper tree was on fire.  Nothing big, but it was the end to my night of touring around.  A smidge of work and it was out…

but the storm had left me with some fantastic swirls of light and rain.



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