Sorry, so wound up in the season finale of my favorite show, I about forgot to blog!  Plus, I was eating a homegrown tomato for my “midnight” snack… and I was happy!

You’ll not find a spoiler here… so go watch Longmire on your computer and see what I am talking about!  Great writing is hard to find, but there’s plenty of it over on A and E Television!


Canned a couple of pints of hot peppers today, then headed off to town.  Just as we were walking out the door, my cement guy finally showed up.  Yippee!  He said he’d call to see if he could get a truck either tomorrow or Wednesday, so I am just *stoked*!

I’m just giggling like a little girl… of course, now I’m back at the library and we have two weeks of cow work coming up… but I’ll be able to sneak out there and really get my studio up and going now!  My brain keeps running through what needs done first… and really… if I get going… I could have people staying out there SOON!  I’ve got some company coming, plus hunting season will be here before we know it!



Then, while in town, I got a GREAT deal.  The local co-op (do you have co-ops in your part of the country?), anyway, they’ve had a fire pit I’ve been drooling over, but seeing as how summer is coming to an end, and it’s still there, I thought maybe they’d deal.  They sure did, saying it was 25% off!  Score!  Vernon rounded it DOWN another $30 and I told them I’d flip for it.  Heads, I’d pay my price, tails, I’d pay their price!

I thought that only happened on tv shows, but he took my challenge!

Guess who won????

I’m one lucky girl!  Next time someone takes the pickup to town, (yes, it comes with stones and cooking grate and heavy metal ring, and wouldn’t fit in the Durango) I’m the happy owner of a new Much Cheaper fire pit!


I took no photos today… let’s see what I can pull out of my files… and don’t mind my giggles, it’s been a wonderful day!

tipi lessonsAha!  From 2002 (The Wayback Machine!), me teaching the 5/6th graders how to set up a tipi!


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  1. Good stuff!! Must be a day for giggles, because I’m giggling and doing the happy dance too. Long story, but it looks like my living situation will be improving and I’m so thankful! 😀

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