Well, we changed up the rules on this Preg Testing Day… doing only the cows we moved two days ago, plus the few remaining AI heifers that didn’t have a good blood test result from bleeding them on the two cycles post AI date!

What does that mean?  It means we were done by 3:30!  We have been known to break out the flashlights trying to read eartags in years past!

It also means we’ll be back here next Saturday doing the rest of the bunch, but hey, today was rather nice!

Our Good Doctor, the veterinarian, was enjoying himself as well… instead of a simple line to mark the due date… he got creative.

preg markG.

As in Greet?

Good Girl (you’re pregnant!)

Golly G! (you’re pregnant!)

g cowLooks rather magnificent, eh?

Or how about this?

g cowsAn entire hillside of Golly Gee, (you) Good Girls, (you!)… we’re happy you belong to the Greets!



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