Old Man

I was expecting to be at home with Victoria and the twins today, but got called to help load the semi that was taking our open cows to the sale.

This is the time of year we cull our old cows as well… so those that weren’t pregnant (or “open”), plus the good ol’ girls with no teeth or only 1 or 2 teeth, those few steers that don’t qualify as “natural” like most of our steers, and this “old man”… all got loaded on the truck.

old manThat took half the day… but that left a bit of time for me to go to my studio!

Scraping and sweeping up concrete splatters, plus getting my stove together and figuring out my backer board situation… was a great way to finish the day!

wood cookstove


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  1. Would love to hear the story on the stove. Rodney’s Aunt Glenna still cooks on one just like this up in Canada. It will be the perfect fit for your studio. I enjoy sharing in your life from afar. Keep up the amazing chronicle.

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