Cowboys on the Horizon

Pregnancy testing…

The way to find out if a cow gets to stay or hit the road.

preg testingWe actually ended up just after lunch!  Two o’clock or so… which is AMAZING for us!  We’re so used to trying to do ALL of them at once, but splitting the herd in half, while it causes more work in some ways, is definitely easier than trying to do them all in one day!

mouthing outEveryone in my family showed up to help… mouthing out cows is always fun, right, Daniel?  Victoria and Matt, with the twins in backpacks, Tess with Jaxon in a backpack, and Quinlan in back helping Brandon and Megan sort cattle.

sorting cows

Boy, just give us 10 more years… what a crew we will have!

I’ll leave you with cowboys on the horizon, Sam turning back some that missed the gate… and Boomer getting a refreshing drink!

cloud pool


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  2. I had fun today at an Antique Steam Engine and Tractor show with steam
    powered huge tractors, early gasoline engines, tons of tractors of all kinds, and some combines…several old autos that you call “barn finds.”
    Also saw a very old belt-driven saw mill operation (steam) and a pumpkin
    thrower/smasher for fun. It was my first time attending. If I had a blog
    I’d put up the pictures. Sounds like you ALL had a very busy weekend
    with ranch work. Thanks for all the pictures.

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