Two Down

While the guys traveled to the mountain to gather the main pasture in preparation for tomorrow’s weaning of our calves, my sister and I spent ALL DAY out in my studio.

We hoped to get in three windows.  We managed two.  Well, one and a half.

Nevertheless, it’s great!

Here’s the cabinet setup from yesterday… Which needs some details finished up… but this is basically how it will look finished.

studio worktableI contemplated hinging the doors, in order to have the top tilted like a drafting table… but then decided it was too much work and if I need to work tilted… I can just work on my drafting table when I bring it in!  Doesn’t this look like a great place to spread out crafts or plans or papers?  The big plywood boxes also have pull out “cutting boards” along their tops as well… providing more space if you need it.  The stool is perfect, but I also have a rolling chair that may be put into service here.

studio windowThe window above the work top is on hinges, so I’ll be able to open it and hook it on ropes to the ceiling to let in cross breezes.  The trim and latches need to be completed on this window.

The window opposite has two small sliding windows and we spent most of our day over there.  There was tons of cuts and sanding and grinding and nailing and screwing and oopses…

studio windowBoy, it doesn’t look like much… but it was a lot of work!  Here’s what it looks like if you slide open both sides.

studio windowRight now, I seem to be worried about getting fresh air into the studio… we’ll see how I feel in the middle of winter!  There’s definitely some caulking and weatherstripping in my future.

Two down, two to go…


Two Down — 18 Comments

  1. This looks really good. Good carpentry skills. Love the new life for the old cabinets. Ask your sister to tell you about my new favorite TV show.

  2. I think it’s glorious! And how wonderful is it that your sister partnered with you? I love the rustic charm and, from my visits to Wyoming, I can smell the air that will come in those windows on a summer morning after a rain. That’s one of my favorite memories from a KOA campground in Dubois in Sept several years ago.

  3. Sending a “pat on the back” to you and your sister today! The TWO doors
    give you a super work area with generous space. Love the re-purposing of the old cabinets and the added pull-out cutting boards are tailor made!
    And when the windows are really done the room will start to look more homey. Thanks for the progress pictures.

  4. What a lovely building to work in and the cabinets. love the windows.
    Great the guys could do with out you so you could have the day to fix your studio.Have fun getting it ready.
    we had some light rain last night and a light rain now, sure good. Fell sorry for the Colorado folks. Sharon Drake. Sept. 16, 2013

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