Soft Kitty

My sister is back for a couple of days… and we were working on another project…

On our way, we spied this little cutie.


Kind of a strange little kitty, let’s look at him again.















All right… I’ll get a little more honest with you.



Figured it out yet?

Grossed out?

No longer cute?

How about if I put real perspective on it?

Oh, and rotate it back to how it’s supposed to be?




It *IS* a spider!

This is a cathead spider… not poisonous, not agressive… just a unique little insect eater… and, no, there’s no weird perspective with my finger on the ceiling… That’s how big he is.

He watched over us all day as we worked below him…

“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…”




Soft Kitty — 5 Comments

  1. We have one of these hanging off the gutter on the front porch and my nephew R told me that this is the same kind of spider. I’m leaving him alone for the time being.

  2. Never saw or heard of a cathead spider! Brown recluse, yes.
    The closeup was amazing! Looks like he has little feathers at
    the top and prickly points on his body. Be sure he is not

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