Salsa Delay

The plan was to make salsa today.

As soon as I was up and ready, though, Vernon took off to unload his newest “toys”.  I had to watch, so I grabbed my camera and followed.

These tanks were purchased at an auction over the weekend for next to nothing.  We’ll use them for water storage for cattle.

tankstanksFirst, switch out the bale forks for the bucket, and go to digging a ledge you can drive the trailer along and unload the tanks.  Meanwhile, I grabbed my camera and played for a bit, as moving dirt is not so inspiring…

tanksAgreed.  Neither is this one… but I was playing with the camera settings, and I was practicing my black and white!  I *did* take more intriguing photos, but I’ll save them for another post… I digress!

tanksWrap a chain around the tank and pull.  Phhst!  Easy as pie.

tanksThe second one was the same.

However, the first one was a cracker jack tank, with a few more prizes inside.  I didn’t even know the tops were open!

tanksMy guys are good at stuff like this… and in no time, the tanks were unloaded and emptied of prizes.

I returned to slicing onions and peppers for my salsa…

By then it was after lunch, and Vernon volunteered to help with my studio!  Yay, score!

The onions and peppers went into the fridge and we spent a few hours de-constructing and constructing!  That too, will have to wait for another day…

The salsa may be on delay for tomorrow as well, you never know!


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