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snowfenceA snowfence near Cheyenne shows how it catches blowing snow.  They are now replacing wooden slat fences with “living fences”.  Trees are planted in rows just like a snowfence, but the melting snow provides the extra moisture needed by the trees… unnatural flora for windswept plains.

Well… the past few days… WordPress is taking forever to load my photos… so another post with just one pic.  I’m going to have to figure this out!  I have photos to share!

Unfortunately, it’s late and I keep nodding off waiting for the pic to upload.

I may be riding tomorrow, let’s hope I can share more than one photo!


Remember, Q&A coming up… and I have NO questions… anyone?


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  1. I’m glad you are talking about the Black Hills. That is my question. What did happen? Was is just the plain amount of snow that killed those cattle or were they in pastures they would typically not be in in the winter? My heart goes out to the ranchers out there. I cant even imagine the devastation!

  2. I have a question! I was looking at the information on the top bar hive, and it mentions that we need to be encouraging wild bees. Is there any chance that bees will just find the hive and colonize it?

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