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Thank you so much for your response to yesterday’s post about the Atlas Blizzard.  I am glad I could answer some of your questions, or perhaps, just explain topics a tad bit better.

Tonight, I think I’ll just provide a few links that you may be interested in investigating.

For details on livestock stress and the large death loss, this article from the South Dakota Extension office is great.

This is the one article that really got to me… It made me cry and choke up… I am SOOOO sorry for you guys…

Another take on the blizzard from The South Dakota Cowgirl.

I take part in a discussion group called AgChat.  This foundation helps farmers and ranchers connect with the public through social media.  Getting agriculture’s story out to the masses is their focus.  Read more about them and their fundraising effort here.  It’s also a great place to learn how to connect with your food.  Their simple effort has a long row to hoe.  They hope to raise $500,000 but right now they’re sitting at just over $2,000.  To jump to the donation page, simply click here.

Thank you, thank you… for listening, for caring, for donating.  Hopefully, you have come to care about the ranching community just by having some Red Dirt In Your Soul!

I wish you happy trails!

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