Little Crooked House

Today I kept trying to remember that nursery rhyme about the little crooked man… “and they all lived together in a little crooked house.”  My studio qualifies.  Like the problem we had with the window, the door, as well, was off kilter and out of alignment.

studio door

Like the picture window, I decided to straighten it up instead of trying to build it crooked!  My door is much smaller, but I’m proud to say, that TODAY I BUILT A DOOR!

I’ve never built a door before.

I ran short of 1x4s, so the framing isn’t finished… and, yes, I’ll be adding a diagonal piece… but, lookie!  Isn’t she pretty?

studio doorShe’s just fitted in here… but a bit later…

studio doorMore trim.  An inside latch.  A pin to hold the doors together.  Antler handles.  Maybe a smidge more sanding…

studio doorOh, yeah, and the stop molding.  How the heck am I putting on finish molding, I don’t know… but right now… I’m enjoying my straight little door in my little crooked house!

studio door


Little Crooked House — 13 Comments

  1. It’s wonderful! As I said before, the rustic charm is so very appealing. Your family is truly blessed to have such a multi-talented woman in their lives!

  2. Hi Carol,
    You are a special blessing. You empower women to do what they don’t think they could. Thank You!
    The door, the studio, look so great.
    Hugs, Ginger

  3. Looks good!

    There was a crooked man
    Who walked a crooked mile
    And found a crooked sixpence
    Upon a crooked stile

    He bought a crooked cat
    Who caught a crooked mouse
    And they all lived together….
    …. In a little crooked house!

    • Oh Frances – I love it!!! I could only remember the 1st part!

      Carol – you do beautiful wood work. Come build me a dutch door!

      • thanks for posting the poem, Frances. It will be stuck in my brain. I remember reading this to my sons when they were toddlers. Carol, love the door – actually I love the whole studio.

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