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Friends of the LibraryAnother one is over and done… The annual Harvest Dinner Raffle and Auction is finito!


Over 80 items donated for the general raffle,  4 cool bucket raffle items, plus 16 amazing donations for the live auction!  Supper starts at 5 straight up, at 5:30 we start pulling raffle items with 15 minutes in between for a bit… Our auctioneer was working cattle in the mud all day and showed up in time to sell off the 16 items, then I continued calling off raffle winners until 7:30!

It goes pretty smoothly, and tonight we had gathered up and were back at the library by 8!  Another half an hour putting things away, and we were done.  The final tally will be in Monday, but we did pretty good!

This is one of the best things about Ten Sleep… the people who volunteer EVERY YEAR to cook, clean, serve, and help… the kids help with drinks and cleanup (back in the day, it was my Girl Scouts, now it’s FFA and I saw the football team too, I think)… the churches cook, the cafeteria ladies order food and loan us their kitchen, the Friends of the Library hustle with all the details of the raffle, the ambulance crew members man the serving tables, and don’t forget those crafters and generous donors of prizes!  And the bidders!  I didn’t buy anything this year… but I bid on a few!

With budget cutbacks, this fundraiser is welcome more than ever!

Thank you, Ten Sleep, for supporting your library and your ambulance crew SO WELL!

Harvest Dinner


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  1. Just discovered your blog and love it. I live in CT but have visited Wyoming a few times. Love it–especially Ten Sleep area. I also read Shreve Stocktons blog, Daily Coyote. Are you aware of it. Perhaps you are neighbors.

    • Phyllis, welcome to Red Dirt. Actually, it was Shreve’s encouragement that got me to start writing this blog in 2008! She’s helped along the way, and I thank her for that!

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