Better Deal

Well, it’s done!  I *did* complete something today!  My calendar is put together and ready to print!

I know I probably shouldn’t have said so until my shop was up and running, but I’m excited!  I had 82 photos picked from this last year that I had to condense down into only 12 months with a large photo (plus the cover) and ones on the major holidays.

That was HARD!  Some photos are my favorites because of what we were doing, not necessarily just because they were good shots!  So I pared them down and down and *down*!

I didn’t put any black and whites or sepias in this calendar… should I get some time, I may just put a calendar with them together!  I have a weakness for them… and I have enough to do another calendar!  Hey, I have enough of my dogs… if I was REALLY popular, I could just do a English Shepherd calendar!

While I’ve bought some to sell around here… I’m probably going to let you buy directly from the printer… I need to review that one more time… and I’d prefer to do that while my mind is fresh and not late at night!  Hopefully, if I go ahead and choose this option, I’ll have a link TOMORROW, where you can order directly.  Wouldn’t that be a KICK????  Easy on you, easy on me… and *fingerscrossed*… a much better deal all the way around!

neighbors trailingWhat was the NEXT best thing that happened today?  Having a neighbor trail their cattle by… and me sneaking into the mix to visit with J. while her sons and husband finished the last bit without her!  Thanks for coming to visit, J.!  We need to do that more often!

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