Ten Sleep Halloween

I have to share some Halloween pics…

The school kids parade through the library, so we get to check everyone out!

IMG_5741Your friendly librarians are masked as well… IMG_5754minion teachersMary Poppinshay ride

Teachers become Minions… Mary Poppins blows in with the wind… and hay rides are available at Trunk or Treat after school.

A peacock made her appearance

peacockThen the wind picked up and a bright rainbow appeared… Mary Poppins was nowhere in sight.  Hmmmmm.

Halloween rainbowThe snow storm dropped the temperature fast, and most of us scattered to our cars.  The bigger kids went door to door, but I went HOME!

Halloween snowstorm


Ten Sleep Halloween — 3 Comments

  1. Wow! the peacock costume is pretty awesome. AND, I am still laughing over
    yesterday’s picture of Jaxson with his yarn hair, laughing so hard!!! :0))

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