From the Mesa to Home

Definitely NOT a Minute Movie… but reminiscent of my Mountain Trail video… this one follows along from our Mesa Pasture to right before we cross the highway to home.

Dally is Dog of the Day… and she did me proud (except for once!).

Brandon and Daniel appear every once in a while.

One little band of pronghorn antelope say hello… and the rest of the time, it’s just me and Panama and Dally and the cows… oh, yeah… and some LOVELY Red Dirt!


From the Mesa to Home — 7 Comments

  1. All the whistle and sounds you make, do they all have a particular meaning? Do they direct Dally? I know you gave her a couple verbal commands as well. Does she follow hand signals too?

    And the ground looked really rough in the trees? tall shrubs? How often do the dogs’ feet get cut or are they pretty tough?

    Love the video!

  2. The cattle appear to respect Dally at a distance. Is that because of close personal experience, or does she have that kind of a presence with them? Or both?

  3. I so enjoyed watching Dally (and Boomer?) work. Nice. Even being able to fix something that has gone wrong is a good skill to have in her tool kit. I thought I recognized a few spots along the trail. The burn was the “Aha!” moment for me. I had to chuckle at how Dally rushed off to get to the cows before Boomer there toward the end. Silly girl – wants all the work for herself. And watching the cows trail along to nicely just gives me a feeling of satisfaction – all’s right with the picture. 🙂

    • And, when Dally barked a couple of times, Craig’s little Loki came running and woofing to see what was going on here. He’s turning into a really nice little dog. Or not so little. 30 lb. at four months.

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