Wordless Wednesday – “Bogged Down”

bogged down****

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Wordless Wednesday – “Bogged Down” — 8 Comments

  1. Interesting photo – the cows do look a bit “frozen” because they are all
    have the same poses! along with the frosty look of the grass/sagebrush in
    the foreground.

  2. Have you installed your wood heating stove in your studio yet? If so, does the space get warm enough to allow you to work out there comfortably?

  3. Aloha, I have a very personal question to ask…I am only asking because I myself am a single woman that has been stuck in Hawaii for 8 years unable to leave because of a mortgage.I originally had friends that moved here with me but they have been long gone for many years..I just wanted to know if you are married ? I saw the video of you on the horse whistling to the dogs to herd the cattle which was just amazing..I just thought like you I have much beauty around me but I still have much sadness from not having family you are fortunate to have your children working with you..

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