Q&A Addendum

OOPS, forgot a question in last night’s Q&A session, thanks for keeping me honest, Alice!

Well, I was going to cheat and just link to a former post on the question’s topic… and I wandered around trying to find it.  Duh.  I went and looked at my old blog, and there it was!  NO WONDER I couldn’t find it on this new one!  Somedaysomedaysomeday… they’ll all be transferred over!

The question was about bull testing… and how you make a bull ejaculate to test their semen.  It’s all about a large probe, a rectum, an electrical device, and a semen covered sample slide for a microscope!  If you want a few more details, feel free to revisit this old post (which I have now transferred over! )  I really didn’t go into more detail, but you get the gist of it!

Today was all about a clean house and burning leaves… and a wish for a copy of my dad in uniform to post for Veteran’s Day!  Two out of three ain’t bad.  Thanks to all servicemen, and women, (and dogs!) that have served our country!


P. S.  Happy birthday to D., my sister and friend… and J., a Girl Scout sister and friend!  Hope both of you had wonderful birthdays!


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