Be Honest

I need your help.

I’ve started setting up my new store, and I need help, opinions, and reviewers.

My calendar is for sale either through me (for you local folks!) or on  My calendar doesn’t apply to this as I can’t figure out how to connect my Square Market store with lulu.  I struggle with this stuff… and every little bit, I force myself to learn something new, but *sheesh*, what a pain!

All I *really* have on my store right now is my SoapStones.  I have individual stones for sale, plus custom order your stones.  To custom order, there are two styles, Original SoapStones and Wyoming SoapStones.  Original is made with Ivory Soap, modified to resemble real stones and available in bright “gemstones” or natural stone colors.  Wyoming SoapStones are made with Miller Soap Co. products in four scents:  Sweetgrass, Citrus Splash, Vanilla Oak, and Clean and Fresh.  They are also made in bright gemstone colors and natural stone colors.

First of all, does my store (click on the Shop Tab on the top of this page) look good to you?  Is it bright, appealing, and easy to figure out?

If you go to Custom Order Your Soapstones, do you see the options I’ve listed above?

Do all of the photos display?

Can you tell which two of my individual soaps are sold?

What would improve this site?

If you try it on different devices, is it different?

Everything looks good from this end… but, you know… I expect problems with webstore rollouts… it seems to be the popular thing!

<Please don’t buy anything you really don’t want, this is set up to WORK, so it’s serious when it wants to confirm your purchase!>

It’s very difficult for me to see this from your point of view, as an administrator, things look ok!

Be honest, and I’ll love you for it!



Be Honest — 8 Comments

  1. Just my opinion but all the pictures are a little big. I like to see what I’m getting but I don’t like to scroll up and down to see a full picture on my lap top. Also I didn’t see any options for the custom soaps and I couldn’t tall what two soaps were sold. Also small pictures of a few calender pages would be nice to have an idea of what you would be hanging on your wall.
    I also agree that more info about the stones before you click on them would be nice. The map is way to big and gives no clue to where Ten Sleep is, and I live in Wyoming! The site is bright and easy to navigate. Your pictures of the soap look wonderful, really give an idea of the colors. The tabs at the top of you blog are very pale, to be honest I never noticed them before!
    Oh, I’m running Firefox on a Toshiba laptop and I have a Samsung tablet. The pictures are a better size on my tablet everything works on there too.
    Sorry for being so critical but you did ask.

  2. Hoping it worked for me! When I went to the “custom” soap, I didn’t get any choices, so I’m guessing (hoping) that what’s pictured is what shows up.

  3. Okay. I went in to buy a soap or two, but the only option I had was to “Save to List”, not an option to buy. You might also make it more clear what kind of soap is in each one. For instance, I wanted the sage/brown/ivory with sweetgrass scent. But is that Ivory soap, or Wyoming soap? (I think only the Wyoming soap comes in sweetgrass, but when it mentions ivory in the description, it’s confusing.)

  4. Agree with the above, and I would suggest removing your address from the page, it’s in multiple places, and do you *really* want crazy people knowing where you live? Ten Sleep is more than enough info in my opinion…love the soap though. Do you know what type of dyes were used on the wool? My kids are allergic to the food dyes, so I wanted to check before I ordered any!!

    As far as the sh tab being visible and easily spotted…It’s not, at least from my iPad. I really wouldn’t have seen it unless you had asked about it. Howevr, it would be easily found if I were to go looking…

  5. Carol they’re beautiful!

    But… don’t you hate that word 🙂

    I would put the description of what soap stones are, right in the header, instead of having to click on a soap to find the information…

    As I’ve often been told, with every click of the mouse, you risk losing a customer so have as few clicks as possible to give a person information.

    Kathryn Jane recently posted…announcementsMy Profile

  6. My comments about the store site: 1) the photo of your ranch, which is stunning BTW, imho needs to be smaller in size, as it confused me initially. I thought you were selling prints of it. 2) It might be helpful to add a one line description of the soap under the header “Soap” on the mail page so folks don’t have to click the picture to find out that “Wyoming wool is wet felted onto handmade soap.” 3) While you and others in WY may know where Ten Sleep is, tourists passing through on the way to and from Yellowstone/Cody may not. If you zoom your map out to give folks a point of reference showing a town or other major feature, it would be more helpful. You can then make the map smaller and include a small closeup map next to it if you feel you need to. I’ve passed through Ten Sleep a couple of times returning from Yellowstone via Cody. I like Hwy 16 better than Hwy 14 to get to I-90. Lovely little town!
    That’s my non-website designer two cents worth!

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