How to Clean Your House in Nine Minutes

I spent the day helping Vernon outside.

I should be cleaning and cooking and cleaning and, hmmmm… maybe cleaning some more.

Somehow… when I get to crafting… well…

horrible things happen to my house.

Dog prints appear on all my floors.

My mud room is, not surprisingly… QUITE MUDDY.

My dining table disappears under papers and paint and wool and…

Dust bunnies are obviously at a high point in their biological reproduction cycle.

Dishes don’t get done.

Floors need a broom, a vacuum, and a mop.

Clothes that are folded (and, unfortunately, still in piles) need to be put away.

That pantry?  Lordy.

I always PLAN on having a clean house… and then… well… I can’t help it that making SoapStones is more fun than hanging up clean clothes or cleaning my refrigerator!  Especially cleaning my refrigerator.  I used to make Victoria clean the refrigerator because I detest doing it.  Have I told you lately how much I miss you, Victoria????

My mother would be disappointed… but, I just     can’t      keep    up     with     it!     My best strategy????  Especially when I know I’m going to be going outside to help and/or work or there’s a Deadline Looming (like company for Thanksgiving)????  I set a timer.

Nine minutes.

Nine minutes in the living room.  Zoom!

Nine minutes in the bathroom.  Yeehaw!

Nine minutes in the bedroom.  Whee!

Nine minutes in the kitchen…  You get the picture!

Start with the biggest item… Clear off the carpet, then the table, then the smaller tables… beep!  off to another room!  If you go about it in a speedy manner, you’d be surprised how much you can get done!  If you have more time left, then get into the closet or drawer… but quit with the buzzer.  Tomorrow, if you do it again, you’ll have 5 minutes to put towards cleaning that drawer instead of just one!

Honestly, I think the timer works for me because I’m too easily distracted!  Oh, those cool jewelry items I bought, I’ll just look at them before I put them away… Oh, what a great idea… I think I’ll make this into that.  Whatever.

Focus, Carol, FOCUS!

I guess this was your Tip of the Day.  How to Clean Your House in Nine Minutes.  Times the number of rooms.  Times the number of days!  No interruptions allowed!  (But you really should see those cool jewelry items I bought!)


How to Clean Your House in Nine Minutes — 7 Comments

  1. That sounds like a great idea that I’ll have to try because, like you, I’m easily distracted towards things that are more fun. Although, I’ll have to set it for 10 minutes. I’m not OCD usually, but in this case, I am. lol

  2. My tip is – Time how many minutes it takes to do a detested chore – like scrubbing the bathrooms. When you learn how short a time the job actually takes, it’s much easier to do it the next time around.

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