The New Girl


So, feeling sorry for Victoria, I decided to clean my own refrigerator today…  Ha!  Not really.  I DID clean it, the purpose was to make way for More Food.  Then I cleaned and reorganized the pantry.  Hey, look.  I DON”T need to buy more olives for Thanksgiving!

Then there was that short incident about replacing the broken window in the chicken coop… It’s been COLD lately and even though I have a heat lamp going, they STILL aren’t laying for me.  Perhaps a tad bit chilly, girls???  We’ll see if this helps.

And I decided I’d share… the New Girl.

chickenA “gift” from the neighbors.  A fox had eaten all but this one… and she was alone and roosting on their clothesline at night, too scared to go into her own coop.  I told them how mine are still spooked after the hawk attack, but at least she’d have company.

I have my original three still, five from this summer, and now this girl.  Nine chickens.  No eggs.

C’mon, girls!

A bit more cleaning… and then I made these.

cinnamon rollsYUM.

Yes, one is missing.  Why do you ask?



The New Girl — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Carol,
    JUST got a new computer. So have spent time catching up on your blog.
    Nice new chicken. Love the book idea. Your amazing!!! Please tell everyone I said, “Happy Thanksgiving”.
    Hugs, Ginger

  2. Post the recipe please!

    What a pretty girl. So glad your neighbors put her well-being first! My friend kept loosing her chickens to foxes, raccoons and oposums. I help her find a Great Pyrenees (rescued dog) who has made all the difference!!! Great dog! Both my friend and her new dog are now very happy!

  3. The New Girl looks like a Buff Orpington….and they are good layers. Hope she is happy there with the rest of your girls, and they all start producing a few eggs a week.

    Missing roll? Surely that was from Vernon wandering through the kitchen! (I don’t think my mom was mentally capable of NOT trying out a corner of things she made! LOL!)

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