Concrete Proof

I babysat.








Somehow… stealing my hat is a wonderfully funny thing to do!

















Now we’re playing peekaboo?








You’re cheating.









Nice teefe!









Then we got to supervise/help pour concrete!

Jaxon concrete







Concrete proof that he was there!

concrete proof


Concrete Proof — 5 Comments

  1. Happy Thanksgiving from snowy WNY! Hope you are all together at some point
    this weekend to enjoy the blessings of family, freedom, and the abundance of good things.

  2. Sooo sweet. When he gets older the girls will be flocking around. ha Kids are a blast. We have an 11 year old Grandson and a 6 year old Grand daughter, Brother and Sister. We have so much fun with them. When they were here couple weeks ago, we used a telescope and they saw the moon. She got so excited. Have a good Thanksgiving every one from south central Kansas. Sharon Drake

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