Easy Life

Tomorrow night is supposed to bring us an Arctic blast of frigid air, with highs in the single digits and snow.

I tried to accomplish some preparations before it hits.

I split a couple of loads of firewood for the wood stove should the electricity go out!

firewoodI hung some outdoor Christmas decorations in case it doesn’t warm back up!

swagThen my Big Task for the day… clearing off the straw we had used to protect our freshly poured concrete.  A little contemplation, and I decided to gather up the tarp underneath the straw into a “parachute”.

straw chutestraw chutestraw chuteWorked like a charm!

That wasn’t hard!

I pulled into the corral, dropped a couple of strings… and it dumped onto the ground!

straw chuteIf all my Big Tasks would be this simple, oh, how easy my life would be!


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  1. Hi Carol,
    Our temps are suppose to drop too. Single digits. I know you will get more snow. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. Sewed a fleece blanket to the underside of horse blanket to put on older mare. This won’t be fun.

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