Why Wouldn’t We?

blue tempFour degrees.

Slight breeze handing us a wind chill of -5.

Slick roads and ground blizzards.

Of course, we went to town today… why wouldn’t we?


Why Wouldn’t We? — 5 Comments

  1. We are suppose to get an inch in south central Kansas tonight. They are taking it serious, putting salt mix on the highway. . We live on county road and they usually do at least once with the salt mix and we have a lot of big trucks go on this road. We missed the last 2 snows but looks like this one is for sure.
    As for going to town, there are times no matter what it is necessary.
    be careful. Sharon Drake

  2. This post made me laugh out loud. You embody the rugged western spirit. “Why yes it is snowing, and this is what I will be doing today.”

  3. Yup, makes sense to me. Of course that comes from one who spent the day bonding with her family around the preg testing chute! So grateful for carharts and wind proof coats.

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