We’ve shipped some high quality bred heifers to Riverton, Wyoming.  These are the ones that didn’t meet our rules for being replacement heifers… but, my, there’s some nice looking heifers in the bunch!

There’s also some aged cows…

Consider this your notice for the sale on Friday!

The day dawned crisp at 4 degrees…

chillyThey were quickly gathered from around my house and put in the corral by the barn…

chillyThe guys looked chilly despite being all bundled up!

chillyWhere was I?

Inside.  Supervising the next generation in his watching… he’ll be out there, chilly with the rest of them, soon enough!


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  1. Carol,
    I would love to have one of your calendars. Ten Sleep is a little far for me to get one. How much are they and I will send you a check…..address, please!Maybe you could mail one to me.
    Thanks, Marie

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