Decorating Story Time

Hey, it actually made it up to 0 today!  I’m sticking pretty close to the house except for venturing out to gather eggs before they freeze… and, yes, some have frozen solid before I get there!  I probably should have gone with Vernon out opening water holes for the cows just to show you that the ranch part of my life is continuing… but I’m pretty much a sissy… and I have a house to decorate!

This is one of my favorite things to do… and I don’t even have a tree yet!

I usually try to switch things up year after year, or at least I’ll put it that way.  Basically, I forget what I did the year before and I just re-create everything!

I stick with white lights… and lots of poinsettias and red berries.  TONS of garland (and I always seem to buy more!)  I put decorations everywhere…

Above the kitchen cabinets, I love the patterns of light on the ceiling…

Christmas lightsOf course, decorations below the tv… and yup, that’s barrel racing from the NFR going on…

Christmas lightsMy grandfather clock is wrapped in style.  I don’t run it very often, so it doesn’t matter that the face is covered.  The sleigh on top holds Christmas cards.

Christmas lightsEven the antique double barreled shotgun gets some holly…

Christmas lightsAnd my favorite vintage picture…

Christmas lightsDon’t forget the turquoise shelf!  It’s always the focus of my living room, and it’s amazing how grand of a job it does!  That’s a decorating story for another time!

‘Night all!  Stay warm!


Decorating Story Time — 8 Comments

  1. I would love to get a copy of that Shepard and lamb painting. Can you tell me the painter and title? Yes, I am a dog guy too. Thanks Tom

  2. Beautiful decorations. Love the gun decorations.
    The clock is great. Reminds me to tell you this story about antique Grandfather clocks. Month ago a lady found mercury had come out from the back of her antique Grandfather clock. She did not know it,but a family member saw mercury on the floor behind the clock. I did some checking,because we have a Grandfather clock. I found that clocks made before the 1950’s have mercury for weights This lady’s had rusted and the mercury had seeped out. The family called for help to get it cleaned up.
    So for whatever this information is worth, just so you are aware.
    I had no idea of the mercury being used in clocks. it makes sense when you think of what they had to use.
    It is a beautiful clock.
    We are getting snow in south central Kansas since afternoon. Very dry snow. No ice so far. Take care Sharon Drake

  3. You’re way ahead of me in the decorations department! Very nicely done!!
    How did the “Ho Ho Ho” creations hold up for this year? They were very, VERY clever.

  4. Your decorations are beautiful…. that is my favorite picture too…. minus 24 windchill here in east central Nebr. this am… lots of snow yesterday…. grandkids are having to break ice in NM for neighbors horses … it is cold everywhere….

  5. Lovely decorations. Your comment about breaking ice for the cows, reminds me of my younger days when we kept 10 – 15 head of cattle on our Ohio farm. So much fun, getting up in the dark and breaking ice, and getting feed out to them, before going to our day jobs.

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