God Bless Them Everyone

It’s time for an update…

Though reports have quieted down about the Winter Storm Atlas that hit the plains in October… there’s still a few new links floating around.  Here are the latest ones…

Jenn Zeller, who blogs as The South Dakota Cowgirl, wrote a great article for Progressive Cattleman entitled “Recovering from a battle with blizzard Atlas”.

While not directly related, and to lighten things up a bit, this one features the Peterson Farm Brothers… they’ve done multiple farm related parodies of popular music.  Being the ancient person I am, I usually then have to research the original tunes as well… Their latest is called “Chore”.   Watch clear to the end, or zip there if you want (though you’ll be missing some cute young farmers at “work”)… what a sweet message…

Then there’s this:KOTA Territory News

How many people would bow out of getting help because their neighbor needs it more?

And this:  An artist gives her painting the title of “Hope Lives” and dedicates a portion of the proceeds to the Ranchers Relief.

If you don’t remember the original “Hope Story”… this is it.  Kleenex needed.

God Bless Them Everyone.

Rancher’s Relief Fund.


Time for December’s Q & A session!  Leave your questions here!




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  1. Sad movie about the cattle… Question … do you trim your own horses hooves and shoe them yourselves? …. I know it is a big job to keep horse feet in shape …. or is there a way that you just let them alone and not have to do anything?

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