Quite Nice

Craft fair and Christmas parade tonight… both were quite nice!

Christmas backhoe4h Christmas float

Snoopy float****

Last chance for questions for this Q&A session for December!  Send me a question, QUICK!


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  1. Q: Another one(*), if I may: That old, cold cow with lump jaw (I’ve read up on the two forms of the illness) – how is she, or did you have to end her misery? (Hmm, do you ever euthanize cows at all, or are they always taken to slaughter?) If she is pregnant, can she, or does she have to, hang in there until she has had her calf? Thanks!
    (*)or three…

  2. Loved the pictures of your nighttime Christmas parade!

    Question: how did the original Greet family decide on the location of
    their ranch? Thank you.

  3. Oh, I just noticed “A Look Back in Time” at the right margin – the links worked for me, including pictures, that is wonderful! I’ve also been enjoying your “Good enough for another look” tweets. You have put so much creative and hard work and time into the new blog, and you are here every single day for your fans despite all your other work and projects – I really need to say thank you, because I love coming here day after day!

  4. Q: It seems that your dogs get to work cows only occasionally these days. Do you have any kind of diet and exercise regimen for them so as to keep their fitness at a safe working level? Or do you simply make them stop/rest/take it easy at the first sign of exertion when they do get to work? Thank you!

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