Resilient Video from the Atlas Blizzard

What a wonderful, busy, fun Christmas we had!

I hope yours was equally blessed…

As we celebrate this time of peace and joy, I found another resilient video concerning the Atlas Blizzard.   Oh, how blessed we are!


It is courtesy of “I Am Angus” on RFD-TV.



Resilient Video from the Atlas Blizzard — 4 Comments

  1. Yep, that works.

    “They were waitin’ for me” he says… about cows lined up along a fence dying in the blizzard. That just broke my heart.

  2. Thank you for the video showing the reality and how they feel about their cattle. Maybe there will be someone who sees it will realize the rancher cares for his cattle. great man and woman talk about the reality was great.
    The wind is howling here, no snow 20 degrees,feels like zero. We had snow and ice Christmas weekend. stopped everything. All melted
    Loved seeing the turkeys. We have a lot here. Take care. Sharon Drake South central Kansas. Dec. 29

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