Cute and Practical

Sledding seemed to be the focus of the day, even though the morning dawned with a -8 on the thermometer!  It had warmed up by the time we got two little boys fed, dressed, and ready to go and they were READY!

We bought them new sleds for Christmas, though they’re much too young to control them yet.  Victoria and I rode them and they’re fun.  They’re called Zipfy and are, basically, a plastic version of riding the ol’ scoop shovel down the hill (without the sharp edges!).  (Link provided for your enjoyment, Zipfy doesn’t know who I am, or most likely, even care…)

My sewing versions of felted sweaters didn’t seem to work so great with the little ones… they still got wet, they weren’t warm enough (I couldn’t line them very well, they are so small), and didn’t stay on (elastic wrists would have helped).  My felted wool mittens were great, though, the only thing they need is to either be longer or have a cuff sewn onto them…  I knew that snow would go right down them and it does.

So while we were inside, warming up, eating, taking naps, and all that great holiday stuff… I made some wet felted mittens for the little guys!

My first pair were kind of camo… it’s hard to do when I’m down to the bottom of my wool supplies… but they looked cool.  Problem was, they were too small!  RATS!  Time to try them on Jaxon…

kids felted mittens

Then I made the blue/green/purple/yellow pair and best we could tell, they’ll fit.  It’s hard to put wet mittens on two year olds, but Victoria will take this pair home and try them.  They’re made long to put on BEFORE your coat, so that the sleeves hold them in place.  We shall see if the little guys put up with them or not…

I think they’re cute… we’ll see if they’re practical!


Cute and Practical — 3 Comments

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  2. Yes, these are very cute! Hope they get good use by the little ones!
    BTW – I have a pair of my baby mittens that I found in my Mom’s cedar
    chest back in 1993. They DO hang on my tree! They are hand-knit, pink
    with a snowman in the middle!

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