We Are So Mean

The guys prepared for tomorrow’s day of bangs vaccinating.  That consisted of bringing the calves up from the lower place, sorting the heifers from the steers, and the two year old heifers from everything.

Victoria and the twins got to help for the last mile when they intercepted Daniel and Brandon who were cowboying on four wheelers.  The little guys love that!

Wyatt loves machinery, and Waylon loves animals. They were both happy as larks!

skyline calves

We corralled everything, and the tiny boys grabbed sorting sticks and headed into the alley. They were ready for work, but Victoria and I decided to leave.  In fact, when we finally parted ways, Waylon was simply crushed that he couldn’t stay to work cows.  But, in our mean, parental mode, we decided working cows in a corral with 6″ of snow, when your legs are only 12″ long, was not the appropriate activity for two year olds.

We are SO mean…  And Waylon cried 1/3 of the way home, and sniffled, and looked so sad.

And, oh, did I tell you?  WE ARE SO MEAN.


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