Vaccinate Some More

Bangs vaccination.

By law, heifers must be vaccinated against brucellosis, a bacteria that can cause spontaneous abortion of calves.  Proof that your cattle have been vaccinated include a tattoo in the right ear with your veterinarian’s ID and an eartag.

bangsThat’s the vet’s tattoo being squeezed onto her ear.

bangsNo choice of colors on this tattoo.  You get green.

A squeeze of the applicator and an orange tag is locked onto her ear.  This is the first year we’ve tried the round plastic RFID bangs tag.


It took a little creativity, as the tagger we had didn’t quite work right. About halfway through, the pin either bent a bit as the two pieces of the tag just wouldn’t connect and we went back to the old way of simple metal tags.

It was quicker anyway… and soon the Good Doctor was on his way to the other side of the basin to vaccinate some more!

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